Scuba Diving in Kelp Forest, Catalina Island

Diving in Catalina Island was nothing short of wonderful. There were the joyous discoveries of various marine life: octopuses and lobsters who were hiding underneath rocks; nudibranchs on sunken ships; sheepshead, giant kelpfish, kelp bass, and other fish species (perhaps rockfishes) who just casually swam by performing their daily routine. Then there was that timeless…

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Soak in Golden Rays on Kelso Dunes

When we eventually emerged on top of the dunes after the 3 miles trek, the sun was almost near the horizon. We waited until the sun disappeared and the setting colors danced across the sky. Before long, the vast blueness got colored golden orange and purple, and the dormant sand dunes underneath in various shades…

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Climbing Red River Gorge

Known as one of the best sport climbing crags in the world, Red River Gorge (aka The Red, RRG) is a sandstone mecca I have heard about countless times ever since I was introduced to the sport. The routes in RRG span across a vast area of national forest land and privately-owned acreages: Muir Valley,…

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