Booking with Red River Gorge Guides

Devin and I recently had the chance to visit RRG and climb the Bruisebrothers Wall. Since I was not lead certified, we booked our climbing session with Red River Gorge Guides. Our guide David was extremely professional, skilled, and safety-oriented. He had us start on 5.7 route first to gauge our skill levels, then decided on the subsequent routes to climb on the spot; throughout the session he also checked with us our route preference (length + difficulty) to ensure we were still having fun.

Read more about our trip: Climbing Red River Gorge.

There are multiple climbing guides in the Red; after shopping around a bit, we (by we I mean Devin, since he did all the bookings) ended up going with Red River Gorge Guides due to availability, pricing, and following reasons:

  1. Half day (4.5 hr) guided climbing sessions
    • Full day (8.5 hr) is also available but didn’t fit into our schedule
    • Each session accommodates up to 6 people
  2. Guide will set up the ropes and belay throughout the session
    • This is absolutely needed for those who are not lead certified, or are not comfortable leading outdoors yet
  3. Costs $100/ person for a group of two, all gear and equipment included
    • One of the cheapest rates in the area
  4. No need to have prior climbing experience

Reservation with the company can be done via the online system or via phone call. According to the website, 24-hour notice is recommended, but the company will accommodate last minute requests as much as possible.

For those having issues booking online, here is a walkthrough for how to book.

Making reservation with Red River Gorge Guides

Comment below if you have climbed in The Red or are planning to go!




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