Welcome, Travelers!

Gazing into the Canadian Rockies. Photo Credit @justyourordinaryjoe.

Welcome, Travelers!

Greetings! I’m so happy to have you here. My name is Shu Mui. When I introduce myself, some people will mishear my name as “Show Me,” and thus how the site name Shu Mui (“Show Me”) The World is born.

I have always loved traveling to unique places: either to remote mountain ridges where the hike up was as breathtaking as the views atop the summit, or to other cities and countries where I expanded on my worldly knowledge. Growing up, my time on road were mostly spent in the United States, but in the past few years I have started to wander out to countries around the world. Before each trip, I would read countless reviews about the location/country and plan out my activities. Even then, sometimes the unexpected still happens. With this blog, I hope to pass on my current knowledge and experiences with you so you can leverage them for your journey.

Bon voyage!

Follow along on my journey!